My Coding Journey Begins


“It is never too late to start over again”, Or so they say. 

This blog is all about that step you have been wanting to do for a long time, that change that has always been in your mind, that gut feeling that keeps constantly telling you “this is what you like, what you will enjoy doing” AND that you never end up doing because it looks too crazy, too risky, you name it. 

Well in my case I am taking the steps to make it happen. 

The decission came in the less expected moment, having a conversation with some friends about our workschedules, that mixed with a conversation of those who make lots of money as business men or that inherited a fortune, then on to the one of those who do what they love doing, not necessarily become rich but enjoying their lifes much more in the process. 

All of a sudden I became quiet and started thinking that I have been pursuing this many times but never had what it takes to change anything. And decided this was the time. 

 I tend to be a very curious person that likes getting into new things, get obsesive about them and shorthen the learning curve, then after a while need to move on to the next challenge. 

Despite that I have spent all my adult life about 20 years now working for others in something that I know what to do but I dont really enjoy, and calming my curiosity with more personal projects or aspects of my life. 

So what I am looking at changing?

Basically moving from a corporate job at Marketing and Business Development to a freelance job on Software Development. 

The idea behind is I love computers and spending time getting into the backstage of how things work, since I was a child I have been very close to technology, I took my first Visual Basic course at the age of 7, since then computer science and everything related has been like the dark side attraction to me, but somehow did not really realize untill now.

Additionally since I like to keep learning constantly, and moving from challenge to challenge Soft Dev will bring me plenty of it. 

Of course I am also looking at the financial aspects, as well as the life balance that it can provide me. 

Lots of “What if?” are coming to my mind but I am confident and excited with the path ahead, and believe that though it can be hard it will be very rewarding and worth pursuing. 

Will I make it? I dont know but lets enjoy the road and see what it brings me.